Live Wire Media Relations, LLC is a full-service, boutique public relations firm with a reputation for clear client focus, the finest talent in the industry, and a commitment to delivering memorable public relations programs with measurable results. We leverage our experience to create innovative campaigns that are designed for:

Bullet Maximum media exposure
Bullet Market penetration
Bullet Reputation Management

In today’s competitive world, communicating effectively is a must – but not always a natural gift. Our programs are flexible enough to meet individual or team needs. While we focus on the fundamentals of leadership communication, we are also committed to uncovering and polishing each individual’s unique communication style.

Bullet Media Training
Bullet Persuasive Selling &
Bullet blank Presentation Skills Training
Bullet Orals Coaching

The Live Wire team has an array of traits that make them especially effective at their job: they are perceptive, fearless, speak truth to power, creative, objective and client-centric. Live Wire is a trusted advisor.”

– Chris Ullman, Managing Director and the Director of Global Communications, The Carlyle Group