Persuasive Selling and Presentation Skills Training

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Communicating ideas and persuasive messages in a credible, concise and powerful way is not an inherent gift given to just a few individuals. It comes from leveraging proven communication strategies and tools, staging, plenty of practice, and frank feedback. Live Wire’s Presentation Skills Training includes all of these. Focused on rapid results, our training is delivered in two steps. First you grasp the basics – customized to you or your group’s level of experience – in an interactive environment. Then you put the tools to work in a rigorous, privately video-taped practice session.

We combine interactive group training, a detailed workbook, and individual videotaped sessions to expedite dramatic improvement. Participants learn how to:

  • Develop a confident and convincing voice
  • Identify and communicate key messages
  • Tell compelling and memorable stories
  • Focus on audience needs and motivate them to take action
  • Use words, silence, and body language to build audience rapport
  • Turn nervous anxieties into positive energy