Orals Coaching

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Focused • Visual • Lasting

Delivering a compelling and unique message through a cohesive, dynamic orals presentation is critical to winning proposals. Participants learn specific strategies to address the unique needs of an upcoming oral presentation, while also practicing general skills that apply to many types of presentations before internal and external audiences.

Our 4-step Orals Coaching is designed to transform capture teams into powerhouses of passionate and persuasive speakers, trained to remain firmly focused on audience needs and effectively communicate a competitive story. Coaching includes:

  • Identifying competitive advantages and proposal-winning themes
  • Creating and fine-tuning presentation messages
  • Training a cohesive presentation team that is well-rehearsed and prepared for difficult questions
  • Effectively coaching technical staff to communicate business and audience benefits
  • Creating powerful, supportive visual aids
  • Improving each team member’s communication skills
  • Creating a positive environment that encourages thinking outside of the box and critical feedback